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Japanese Yoga Genkikai is a powerful method that first and foremost enables you to find the peace and inner-strength to better manage life’s daily challenges. This method is conceived to boost your ability to self-heal at every level and as a result, free’s your energy to do more and succeed in any endeavour, be it personal or professional.

The power of Japanese Yoga Genkikai is the self-confidence you can gain from mastering your body and mind and learning how to leverage all that is best in you to effortlessly do so much more.

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What is Japanese Yoga Genkikai

Japanese yoga Genkikai is made up of breathing exercises, gymnastics, treatments to be practiced on and with a partner, energy exercises and meditation.

Sequences of motion performed in sitting or lying positions comprise a cycle that one can repeat at will.

The positions are realised and experienced in such a way that specific parts of the body are massaged at the same time.

The study of energy, breathing techniques, visualization and meditation are part of gymnastics but are also practiced in a targeted manner.

Empower yourself

by mastering your innate self-healing capabilities

The exercises are connected to the four (or five) elements and the internal organs of our body. The practice of Japanese yoga Genkikai has an incontrovertible effect on the body, it stimulates inner cleansing and recalibrates. Japanese yoga Genkikai acknowledges the incredible possibilities of the human body to heal itself.

The body has a range of methods to detect abnormal situations and can mobilise many resources in order to bring the body back into balance. Japanese yoga Genkikai dedicates itself to awakening the bodily senses to the extent where the ability to feel is increased, this ability to “feel” is extremely important. This process seeks to bring the body to and maintain it in an optimal state, which we can describe as “health”.

Structure Japanese Yoga

The mastery, understanding and regular practice of the exercises constitute a real treasure. Once tamed, these practices are valuable tools for self-management and personal-spiritual development.

Testimonials frequently cite the following benefits:

  • the significant decrease, see the disappearance of various pains,
  • a noticeable reduction, see a mastery of stress, fear, anger and other disorders of the nervous system,
  • gradual elimination of negative thoughts and emotions, – a feeling of calm and peace takes hold,
  • increased self-love,
  • a better quality of life and a significant increase in vital energy (ki).

Achieve your full potential

by keeping your body and mind healthy

Several Japanese masters, martial arts experts, have dedicated an important part of their lives to studying how to keep the body and mind healthy in order to survive and achieve their full potential.

Japanese yoga Genkikai is an assemblage of their most precious teachings, the fruit of their research. It is also an ideal complement to Aikido because these masters were Aikidokas too for some or close friends of the founder of Aikido for others. The multiple essential links with Aikido allow the Aikidoka to enrich, refine and deepen his practice.

Dr. Eric Graf has developed a teaching methodology for Japanese Yoga based on the valuable teachings of the Japanese martial arts and health masters and yogis he follows and studies daily. He provides a certified Japanese yoga teacher training course and runs the Swiss Japanese Yoga School which is based in Biel.

Eric Graf
Japanese Yoga Genkikai - Book Cover
Discover Eric Graf’s book
Japanese Yoga Genkikai

The book can be ordered here or obtained at the dojo. There is a German, English, Bulgarian and French version of the book.

You can take Japanese Yoga Classes in our dojos in Neuchâtel and Biel or via streaming by becoming a member of the Virtual Dojo.

You can also sign up for an online Japanese Yoga Class.