Japanese Yoga

Discover the Japanese Yoga Training

& Teacher Certification in 4 modules

From February 2024 to September 2025

The Leading Center for Aikido & Japanese Yoga in Switzerland

Why this training in Japanese Yoga?

Learn Japanese Yoga

A complete training in 4 progressive modules
Module 1

Module 1

The Basics

Gives you the knowledge to be able to practice on your own without constantly asking yourself if you are doing the right thing.

Module 2

Module 2

Advanced Practice

Deepens and completes your knowledge while dealing with the problems and questions that every practitioner is bound to ask during regular practice. Does it really work?

Module 3

Module 3

KI & Meridians

Gives you specific tools to treat or prevent certain ailments and allows you to understand why the yoga exercises work. You will discover the knowledge to deal with different psychic states and thus gain more control over your life.

Module 4

Module 4

Teacher Certification

For those who want to teach regularly or occasionally. You will acquire the knowledge and practice necessary to lead a group of practitioners, to manage the energy of an assembly, to take a step back and to increase your awareness.

Education Program

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Japanese Yoga is for everybody!

Japanese Yoga Genkikai consists of breathing exercises, gymnastics, treatments to be practiced on and with a partner, energy exercises and meditation.

Genkikai Japanese Yoga recognises the unique self-healing potential of the human body. Japanese Yoga Genkikai is dedicated to awakening the body’s sensitivity, as the ability to feel is paramount in the process of maintaining the body in that optimal state we call “health”.

Structure Japanese Yoga

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Your motivations for undertaking Japanese Yoga training can be diverse, ideally, they correlate with the terms below.

This unique training can be followed independently of other trainings in the different styles and branches of yoga. As one of the paths to self-knowledge, the training naturally includes modern elements of life coaching.

Health, Exercise, Wellness, Progress, Independence and Freedom

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Eric Graf
+300 Japanese Yoga Practitioners
Opinions of our members

“Ich benutze es auch mit meinen Arbeitskollegen”


« La formation est d’une très grande qualité et très claire, pédagogiquement parlante. »


« Après chaque jour de formation, on est complètement rempli et heureux. »


« Es bringt mir viel Energie. Ich bin viel bewusster. Es macht mega Spass! »


« J’aime beaucoup la richesse du travail, cela ne m’a pas seulement amener de la souplesse au niveau du corps mais aussi de l’esprit. »


« Les cours de Yoga Japonais associent le corps à travers différents mouvements, avec l’esprit à travers la méditation. »


« Le Yoga Japonais est un travail au niveau du corps physique et au niveau des émotions, le mental »


« Ma pratique du Yoga japonais m’a permis de sortir de 15 années de crises d’asthme »

Luis Alejandro
Japanese Yoga Genkikai - Book Cover
+200 hours of Certification Training
Your Questions about the training
  1. What is Japanese Yoga and what can this training do for you?
  2. How is Japanese yoga different from other styles of yoga?
  3. How is the training structured?
  4. The four modules of the training in detail?
  5. What is the price? Who teaches you?

The answer to the questions and for more information about our Japanese Yoga training, simply download our PDF below or get in touch with me.

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Education Program

Dates of the next round 2024-2025 (3rd wave of students)

Module 1
  • Day 1 : Sun 25.02.2024,  Zoom 1 : Sun 10.03.2024 10h30-11h45
  • Day 2 : Sun 24.03.2024, Zoom 2 : Sun 07.04.2024 10h30-11h45
  • Day 3 : Sun 21.04.2024, Zoom 3 : Sun 05.05.2024 10h30-11h45
  • Day 4 : Sun 26.05.2024, Zoom 4 : Sun 09.06.2024 10h30-11h45

Exam: 16.06.2024 – 26.06.2024

Module 2
  • Day 1 : Sun 30.06.2024, Zoom 1 : Sun 14.07.2024 10h30-11h45
  • Day 2 : Sun 25.08.2024, Zoom 2 : Sun 08.09.2024 10h30-11h45
  • Day 3 : Sun 22.09.2024, Zoom 3 : Sun 06.10.2024 10h30-11h45
  • Day 4 : Sun 27.10.2024, Zoom 4 : Sun 10.11.2024 10h30-11h45

Exam: 12.11.2024 – 20.11.2024

Module 3
  • Day 1 : Sun 24.11.2024, Zoom 1 : Sun 15.12.2024 10h30-11h45
  • Day 2 : Sun 12.01.2025, Zoom 2 : Sun 26.01.2025 10h30-11h45
  • Day 3 : Sun 09.02.2025, Zoom 3 : Sun 23.02.2025 10h30-11h45
  • Day 4 : Sun 09.03.2025, Zoom 4 : Sun 23.03.2025 10h30-11h45

Exam: 24.03.2025 – 02.04.2025

Module 4
  • Day 1 : Sun 06.04.2025, Zoom 1 : Sun 27.04.2025 10h30-11h45
  • Day 2 : Sun 11.05.2025, Zoom 2 : Sun 18.05.2025 10h30-11h45
  • Day 3 : Sun 15.06.2025, Zoom 3 : Sun 29.06.2025 10h30-11h45
  • Day 4 : Sun 24.08.2025, Zoom 4 : Sun 07.09.2025 10h30-11h45

Final exam: 12.09.2025-30.09.2025